Body scan

Sitting on the edge of the bed, not quite at ease.

Sharp ears confirm all is quiet across the landing.

A sigh releases. Relief. Satisfaction.

Weary body slowly lowers. Taking care not to disturb the peace.

Full weight now supported by the mattress underneath. Contact points pressing firmly.

Head sinks deliciously into the pillow.


Body curled in the foetal position. Knees drawn up.

Heavy eyes close with ease.

Body so tired but not willing to fully surrender.

Active mind whirls with concerns magnified at night.

Permission granted for rest and relaxation.

Tuning into the body and connecting with its full length – from the top of the head to the tips of the toes.

Focus on feet.

Feet that carry so much throughout the day. At home; out and about; upstairs, downstairs, room to room and back again a thousand times.

The realisation that today has been without a seat. Again.

Focus jumps to lists not ticked.

Mind gently encouraged to return to aching arches.

Breathing in to soothe the souls.

Deep long inhale.

Slow exhale.

Tension begins to start melting. Slowly but surely.

Safe in the knowledge that everything else can wait. Truly, it can.

Sinking deeper.

Drifting into relaxation

Pressure easing.

Rolling on to back.

Body straight and still, so still. Arms resting by sides.

Breathing into restless ankles, tight calves and weary knees.

The breath becomes deeper.

Attention turns to upper legs and thighs – a hardworking muscle group.

Observing present sensations. Tingles, buzzing, aches and pains.

Inhale. Exhale.


Allowing nerves and bones to feel limp.

Completely tuned in now. Awareness circles the body.

Hips, glutes, pelvis.

Abdominals draw in. Pelvic floor switches on for the first time in a long time.

Mind starts to wander.

Gentle nudge back to breath.

Letting go. Rest is necessary.

Savouring the moment. The stillness.

Hands move to belly, feeling the rise and fall.

Deep inhale, expanding like a balloon

Next is chest and diaphragm.

Ribs rise as the lungs draw in air.

Ribs sore from the closeness of co sleeping.

Heart beats awareness. Offering life and holding emotion. Its passion knows no bounds.

Gratitude and love beam outwards like a bright light.

Warmth. Contentment. Calm. Ease.

Hands briefly hold heart then rest at sides.

Both arms down and straight. Unplugged from holding, hugging, wrangling. Always open, ready to embrace.

Hands so dry and often cold. Must keep warm and soft.

Focus gently shifted without judgement.

Mind moves to back. Lower aches, upper stretches.

Shoulders rotate to shrug off weight. The feeling of being without is long forgotten.

Pillow fully supporting neck, freeing it from the weight of the head.

A head full of hopes, plans, dreams, worries, guilt and inner dialogue. A never-ending trail of thought.

Silence between thoughts stretches as the mind quietens.

Breathing in, breathing out.

Breathing in, breathing out.

Rolling over on to side, to total relaxation and deep comfort.

Eyes remain closed.

Deep inhale.

Breathing in, breathing out.

Inside, gentle thoughts whirl freely like butterflies dancing.

Outside: soft, silent, still.

Sweet spot found.

Deep breaths.

Then sleep.

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